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Short Bio

Monica Plechero is currently a post doc at the Department of Management, Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Her research interest is related to investigate the determinants at regional and national levels of innovation performance and understand which institutional conditions may favor innovation and global collaboration for innovation.

She holds a PhD in Economic Geography from Lund University (SE) and an international Master in European Studies of Society, Science and Technology from Lund University (SE) and Roskilde University (DK). Previous to her experience in academia she has worked for many years as independent researcher collaborating with different Italian entrepreneurial associations and research organizations.

Recent Publications
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Book chapter:
Chaminade C., De Fuentes, C., Harirchi G., Plechero M., 2016
"The geography and structure of Global Innovation Networks: global scope and regional embeddedness. Chapter in: Shearmur et al. (eds)", Handbook of the Geographies of Innovation. Edward Elgar, pp. 370-381.


Book chapter:
Chaminade C. and Plechero M., 2016
"International knowledge flows", Chapter in Science, Research and Innovation Performance. A contribution to the Open Innovation Open Science Open to the World agenda of the EU, European Commission - Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, pp. 203-226.

Plechero M. and Chaminade C., 2016
"The role of regional sectoral specialization on the geography of innovation networks: a comparison between firms located in regions in developed and emerging economies", Int. J. Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, 8, (2), pp. 148-170

Plechero M. and Chaminade C., 2016
"Spatial Distribution of Innovation Networks, Technological Competencies and Degree of Novelty in Emerging Economy Firms", European Planning Studies, 24 (6), 1056-1078.

Chaminade, C. and Plechero M., 2015
"Do Regions Make a Difference? Regional Innovation Systems and Global Innovation Networks in the ICT Industry", European Planning Studies, 23(2), 215-237.

Chaminade, C., Castellani D. and Plechero M., 2014
"The emergence of China and India as new innovation power houses? Threat or opportunity?", Globaliseringsforum Report. Entreprenörskapsforum


Lv. P., Plechero M. and Basant R., 2013
"International Competitive Strategy Choices: Comparing Firms in China and IndiaInternational Competitive Strategy Choices: Comparing Firms in China and India", Asian Pacific Business Review, 19 (4), pp. 542-558.

Plechero M. and Chaminade C., 2013
"The influence of micro-characteristics in different modes of globalization of innovation: A comparative study of Indian (Pune) and Chinese (Beijing) firms.", Industry and Innovation 20 (7), 661-682

PhD thesis:
Plechero, M. 2012
"The changing geography of innovation. Chinese and Indian regions and the global flows of innovation", PhD dissertation. Lund University Press



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