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Monica Plechero is currently a research fellow at the Department of Economics, Ca' Foscari University of Venice. Her research area relates to Industry 4.0, geography of innovation, globalization of innovation, regional innovation systems and Industrial Districts. In her research, she seeks to understand factors and conditions that may lead to firms' innovation and regional and industrial development and to different trajectories. The unit of analysis she adopts in her studies usually captures firms (specifically, SMEs), clusters/districts or regional innovation systems.

She holds a Ph.D. in Economic Geography from Lund University (SE) and an International Master in European Studies of Society, Science and Technology from Lund University (SE) and Roskilde University (DK). Previously to her experience in academia, she worked for many years as independent researcher and consultant for different Italian entrepreneurial associations and other research organizations.

Recent Publications
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INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS (in English). Journals in red.

Bellandi, M., Plechero, M. and Santini, E, forthcoming, Forms of place leadership in local productive systems: from endogenous rerouting to deliberate resistance to change. Regional Studies.

Bellandi, M., Plechero, M. and Santini, E, 2021, The Supporting and Hampering Role of Place Leadership in Italian Industrial Districts. Handbook on City and Regional Leadership, edited by Sotarauta, M. and Beer, A (eds.). Edward Elgard Publishing.

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Plechero, M., 2018. Fuori dalla crisi: la capacitÓ competitiva delle imprese del distretto della meccatronica vicentina. Sinergie, 36 (107), 139-157.


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