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Giancarlo Coro'
Cristina Chaminade
Marco Bellandi
Erica Santini
Claudio Cozza
Gouya Harirchi
Ping Lv
Rakesh Basant
Claudia De Fuentes
Michaela Trippl
Elena Zukauskaite
Enzo Rullani

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RegInnPol Conference 2019 Technological change, social innovation, and regional transformation:The Conference will focus on the paths of regional transformation that emerge as a response to technological and social change. Sustainability issues require regions to face change by trying to balance economic growth with social innovation. We will discuss the role that regional policies can play within such scenarios, by supporting the creation of new assets and resources, as well as favouring multi-level alignments of visions and interests.

GEOINNO 2020 Special session on Clusters, global innovation networks, and the globalization of knowledge: (organizers:Chaminade, C., Hervás-Oliver J.L., Miguelez, E., Mudambi R., Plechero M. Raffo J). the aim of this Special Session is to collect contributions at the interplay between innovation clusters and global innovation networks (GIN), or in other words, between regionalization and globalization of innovation activities. Within this, we intend to explore topics like how the connection between clusters supports the circulation of knowledge and global distribution of innovation activities, what type of GINs support linkages between clusters, what is the role of migrants and MNEs in building GINs favoring positive cluster evolution , cluster and GIN identification, clusters in the Global South and GINs, agglomerations and GINs, and so on. We aim to stimulate the study of phenomena from different lenses and angles, combining both theory and empirics, as well as macro, micro and meso approaches.

RegHealth-RI Blog "The European Regions Network for Health Research & Innovation (RegHealth-RI) is a project funded by EU under the Horizon 2020 framework. The project aims to analyse and discuss the performance of health research & innovation (R&I) across the different EU regions (and countries)".

Globalization of Innovation Blog "It is a blog dedicated to disseminating information on research, resources and events related to globalisation of innovation (GLOBINN), specifically in areas like Global Innovation Networks (GIN). It is meant to be a hub of sorts for critical material and resources in this field".

Current and previous affiliations:

Department of Economics (Current) Ca' Foscari - University of Venice, homepage.
DISEI DISEI - University of Florence, homepage.
DEAMS DEAMS - University of Trieste, homepage.
CIRCLE CIRCLE - Lund University, homepage.
IRPPS IRPPS - CNR, homepage.


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